About Erika with a K

About Erika with a K

Hi!  I'm Erika.  I'm the owner and the sole designer of the beautiful faux arrangements you see on these pages.  I operate my business out of my home studio where I live with my 2 children. I LOVE my job!  Not only do I get to work with great people and spend my days making things that make my clients happy and the world a more beautiful place, but I also get to be there for my kids and make my own schedule.  This is so important to me because I am currently a single mother.  When I'm not creating bouquets, I'm spending my free time watching movies with my family, playing Xbox (I love a good open world RPG!), and going to as many rock and metal concerts I can every year.  If you are interested in learning more about my floral services, or you just want to ask a personal question, shoot me a message!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have pricing packages or offer discounts for bulk orders?


No.  Because every bride's needs are different, all of my pricing is done a la carte based on what items you need.  This ensures you get exactly what you need for the best price.  And because I already offer the lowest possible prices to each and every bride, I do not offer discounts for large orders.  


How early should I order my flowers?


For full weddings I like at least 2 months notice; however, the sooner the better in most cases.  The wedding planning process can take time.  Plus, even though I can take multiple weddings for a weekend because I can finish orders early, sometimes I do get booked up, particularly in months like June and September, so it is always a good idea to order as soon as you know what you want and need for your flowers.  However, if you are under the 2 month mark, please contact me.  I may be able to take your order anyway.


What payment methods do you take?


I take payment by check or by debit/credit card if you are ordering from me directly.  All brides receive a proposal through email after we figure out all the details.  Payment by card can be set up through this proposal, and you can pay manually or set up automatic payments.  Instructions to pay by check are also included in the proposal if that is your preferred payment method.  If you are having trouble making payments, feel free to ask me about a different payment schedule.  


When can I expect to get my flowers?  How will I receive them?


This depends mostly on where you are located.  Most brides located in the Fargo/Moorhead area will be able to pick up their flowers at least 1 week before the wedding, while brides requiring shipping can expect them to be shipped approximately 2-3 weeks before.  I use USPS priority mail for all packages so most arrive within 2-3 days.   All brides have the option to request their flowers by a specific date for any reason, which I am able to accomodate in most cases.  Please contact me for more information.